Navratri Celebration (2020)

Amidst the agony of the pandemic as we gradually see the infection curve decline, we hail the goddess Amba with the auspicious Maha Arti.

The occasion was graced by our beloved director Mrs. Amarjyotiba Gohil and Principal, Dr. Bhumiba Gohil.

The atmosphere was filled with hope and piousness as the IT department and Admin staff joined the celebration with great enthusiasm.

Raas Ni Ramzat (Navratri Celebration)
DAY 1 - Shailputri
On the pious occasion on Navratras, AJSV has put forth an effort to share the day wise significance of Celebrating the Navdurgas. These Navratras behold the holy dieties. The damsels of Amarjyoti Saraswati vidyalaya have come up with the greatness of it. Hold your breath as these graceful girls will share the importance and mesmerise your mornings.
Navratri Celebration - Day 2
Navratri Celebration - Day 3
Navratri Celebration - Day 4
Navratri Celebration - Day 5
Navratri Celebration - Day 6
Navratri Celebration - Day 7
Navratri Celebration - Day 8
Navratri Celebration - Day 9
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