Felicitation Ceremony Celebrating best Result in JEE phase 1

Felicitation Ceremony Celebrating best Result in JEE phase 1

Attempt of JEE Main Entrance Examination (JEE) 2023 that has been announced.

The results were

  1. Keval Pithadiya – 99.97 %tile
  2. Aditi Pandey – 99.89%tile
  3. Sarthak Patel – 99.76%tile
  4. Ayush Mittal – 99.05%tile

The meritorious students were welcomed along with their big support system, their parents. And we applauded together for their remarkable performance of cracking the exam.

The Alpha faculties shared the strength of each of these students. They shared their journey with other students and cherished the moments of four years of hard work. And today they were being applauded for being one step close to accomplishing their dream of making it to the premier institutes.
The faculties assured the parents that their children would nail it.

Words of encouragement were spoken by the faculties, Principals, and Vice principals of the campus. They congratulated the Science faculties at the school for their mission and vision. They appreciated the contribution of the parents in the success stories of these students.

A special cake was arranged by the management, to add to the happiness of all. Chocolates and sweets were distributed as a part of this joyful celebration. Our managing trustees Amarjyoti ma’am, Capt Kirit Sinh Gohil and Paul Sir, sent their note of appreciation to the mentors and these students.

This was a very emotional time for all in the campus. Our faculties for Alpha 11th and 12th Science and all foundation classes are a symbol of strength and experience. They are excellent and selfless people who accept each student without prejudice. They have always been a source of support for students appearing for these exams at the National Level.

The students attributed their success to their mentor teachers. They said the Alpha coaching was all about intense and prompt doubt-solving sessions and continuous support and guidance. The smile and happiness that was seen on the meritorious students and their parents face were priceless.

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