MATHS QUIZ Competition – 2020

A virtual Maths Quiz was conducted by Amarjyoti Saraswati Vidhyalaya for the students of Class 7 TO 10 which aimed at making students familiar with the application of various mathematical concepts in their real life. The students used their logical thinking, reasoning ability along with observational and analytical skills with immense enthusiasm and excitement during the quiz.

MATHS QUIZ Competition – Winners

From Class 7 & 8

1st : Garima Yadav (class 8)

2nd:  Anchal Gulwani (class 8)
         Aastha Boghara (class 8)
         Yashvi Trivedi (class 7)

From class 9 & 10

1st : PIYUSH BARAIYA (Class 9)
2nd : DIYA LAKHUPOTA (Class 10)

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