Message from Directors

Message from directors

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Amarjyoti Saraswati Vidhyalaya Best Gujarat Board School in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. 

We run the race of life in laps, only to realize that every finishing line is a new starting line. As the success graph of life keeps soaring high, the axis is always reset to ‘O, O’ once again. The potential within is infinite and so is the journey to manifest it. Life is a perennial flow. We are not born just to die, but to live a fruitful and responsible life. It is our belief that school should be the experience sets the stage for success later in life and provides a lifetime of positive memories for us.

Thank you.

Director Amarjyotiba Gohil & Capt. Kiritsinhji Gohil

We at Amarjyoti Sarswati Vidhyalaya are committed to nurturing each student’s potential. We are committed to assisting students to exercise genuine respect for other, nurturing them to develop healthy relationships and become responsible citizen. The holistic development in the congenial and caring environs of our campus, bring each innocent heart closer in a melodious song of universality. Academic excellence is a must do on our priority list, while we encompass the core with a strong value system that shall sustain these youngsters in the journey of their lives. We strengthen their foundations with the bulwark of our Indian culture and tradition but teach them to embrace progressive changes with an open, yet, discerning mind.

The journey that is laced beautiful with triumphs would not have been possible without the trust and support of parents, students and the staff of school. With the unwavering support of all stake holders we will continue to soar to the echelon heights of success.So let us raise the bar and set new challenges for our self.

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