Felicitation Ceremony

Achievement does not require extraordinary ability. It comes from ordinary abilities applied with extraordinary persistence”.

Today was a remarkable day as we felicitated our JEE ADVANCE Achievers: Chirag Maru from SBPS and Jay Vora from AJSV. Events of felicitation and recognition has instilled a sense of pride and has immensely motivated our students to learn and outshine.

Our honourable Managing Trustee Amarjyotiba Gohil graced the stage with her presence and awarded momentoes to the student achievers. The children were greeted by Dr. Bhoomiba Gohil and were given best wishes for the coming Term one exams by principal Mr. Chakrapani Esterla.

A question answer session was arranged for the students and parents to know about the preparations study routine of these two JEE ADVANCE AchieversIt was wonderful to hear them speak as they poured their heart out with sweet and sour experiences of their journey .It was a pleasure to see them expressing love and respect to their teachers parents and fellow classmates.

We always strive to foster deeper learning in students through purposeful integration of academic content with rich experiences that cultivate skills and a positive mindset needed for holistic development. The Management of this institution along with the teachers wish good luck to Chirag Maru and Jay Vora for making it to IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bombay respectively.

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