Fireless Cooking Competition

Amarjyoti Saraswati Vidhyalaya had organized “Fireless Cooking Competition” on 1st Dec, 2018 in which 17 group of students had enthusiastically taken part in it. The competition was not only organized for students to enjoy, but it was more like a fun-learning package.

The students may improve their skills with bringing various innovations in their work apart from other academic Activities. The participants had to prepare a dish without using the fire or any other electrical appliances. They enjoyed preparing various delicious dishes with an essence of beautifully garnished served plates of Bhel puri, chaat, fruit salads, chocolate desserts, biscuit cakes, various sandwiches, mocktails and various delicious cakes.

Students showed their culinary skills by using creative and different ways of displaying their dishes and tastes which made difficult to make the judgment for the best one. The competition was conducted under two categories: STD 7th to 9th and STD 10th to 12th

Winners for the category 7th to 9th:

1st Mohmad &Team

2nd Mikail, Ali Vazer, Divyaraj, Ali Savjani

3rd Nityaraj, Divya, Pritam.

Winners for the category 10th to 12th:

1ST Riya, Krushna Disha,Anas, Ayush, Ali.(11th com.)

2nd Khushi, Zeeshan (10th ).

3rd Shruti, Ronak, Arnisha, Vinamrata.(12th Sci.)

For more photos visit Facebook Album – Fireless Cooking Competition

Instagram – #amarjyotisaraswatividhyalaya

Twitter – @EducationAjsv

YouTube channel – SBPS ASIS

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