Maths Quiz (Class 11th and 12th Science)

Math Quiz caters to the needs of all who love and enjoy Mathematics. It sharpens lateral thinking skills in the students. Math Quiz includes questions and answers on the subject, they are so arranged in a way to provide proper insights and interest in the Mathematics. The skill that you need for Mathematics Quiz is a free mind and energy to work out with lot of patience. This inturn develops a Pro Math Quizzer who can be a master of calculations for all purpose.

Regarding the quiz questions it is a known fact that every questions asked was subjective, and it is sure to have one solution,  so the participants had to keep calm and work out to get the right solution.

We at the institution conducted a Maths quiz for the students of all the three boards from class 11th and 12th science. The rounds were interesting and they included thought provoking exercises and puzzles and questions that simulate the mind, and took the participants into the intricate avenues of the subject.

The students interested were put to the initial rounds of selection in the classes itself. The selected students were then classified into competitive teams to fight to prove themselves to be the best. The rounds conducted were logistic round, a roll on passing round and divide and conquer rounds. Teams were put on elimination rounds and lastly it was the puzzle and crossword round. The death round was the best surprise  as it allowed the eliminated teams to get a wild card entry and thus we had our  winning team.

The principals from all the three institutions congratulated the teacher incharge Mr. Ketan Kapasi , anchors and the student volunteers for the brilliant organization of the event. They congratulated the winning team of the quiz competition as they were declared to be the best of the rest.

The winning team was:  MATHS PTRATES.

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