World Environment Day Celebration 2016 ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

When nature is left alone, it has an incredible ability to care for itself. However, when human interferes with their unlawful actions, there is an unprecedented danger to nature.

ASIS celebrated World Environment Day on the 22nd of June to raise global awareness and to take positive environmental action to protect and sustain nature and the planet Earth.

The show began with a speech on the significance of the environment followed by environmental slogans. The real enchantment came in with the performing of the skit to depict the illegal trade within the wildlife. A forest-like atmosphere was set up for the skit to look more natural coupled with the sounds of birds and wild animals. Students of 9th, 10th, and of 2nd and 3rd standard showed their zeal to participate in the skit and executed it in a venerable manner. Students of 11th and 12th standard also showed their interest and concern by making the posters related to the environment.

The celebration was indeed commendable. It did convey a strong message on the need for preserving nature and being solicitous towards nature.