Women’s Day Celebration | March 2023

Women's Day Celebration | March 2023

A very special day for all women day. We celebrated this day with the theme – of Digital Gender Equality.

From the earliest days of computing to the present age of virtual reality, women have made untold contributions to the digital world in which we increasingly live. Their accomplishments have been against all odds, in a field that has historically neither welcomed nor appreciated them.

To empower women, we had a workshop related to Digital Learning.

A workshop on LinkedIn was conducted by Ms Seema Kholiya which included :
  1. What is LinkedIn?
  2. How to use LinkedIn?
  3. To set up a LinkedIn page
  4. Build your Network
  5. Create Engaging Content
  6. Post Consistently
  7. Foster Community

We played a game “The Guessing Game” to boost up energy. A Fun game to get to know more about other teachers. Further, Ms Priscilla John continued the session with the learning of Google Drive and MICM.

Topics discussed :

Google Drive – To save the file or folder in the drive without losing the file because of computer impairment. To share the file or folder for further use of that file. MICM- To upload a Logbook Resource. To use SIS – for the details of students, parents, caste, credentials etc. Online assessment for the MCQ test. Give Feedback or suggestion about any event will be included.

It was a session of fun and learning for teachers.

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