Trip to Sasan Gir and Diu 2019 ICSE/ISC Student

The Winter season is the ideal season to venture out to experience and scrutinize nature. There was no waiting to organize a trip for ASIS students. Weather was pleasant and the fleet of Std – 8th to 11th enthusiastically embarked on their ways towards Sasan Gir and Diu. Students had a wonderful stay at Jagira – the jungle resort at Sasan Gir which was surrounded by frondescence. Students visited Devaliya Park. They were amazed to see the Asiatic lion, deer, and many wild species.

Evening time was spent watching tribal dance, delicious food at a resort on Day 1. Day 2 was at Diu which had a lovely atmosphere. The destination was the Nagoa beach. Students had a nice time with water sports and relaxed in the sandy wind. The troop was presided over by Mr. Ashwin Jain, Ms. Ushma Jadav, and Ms. Krishna Anovadiya.

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