The Twilight Saga – English Hour

A holistic approach to education ingrain curiosity and assist the students to develop excellent communication and social skills. A holistic approach motivates children to make a connection with a specific subject, using their creative skills. Develop psychological, social, and emotional growth. Make learning natural and engaging.
ASIS is Wholly committed to giving this approach to the students and consistently arranging events that contribute to holistic development.

On the 29th of October, For the first time, to promote and encourage the English language, ‘English Hour 2021’ was introduced. Drama, singing, western dance, public speaking were introduced.

Students performed in these diverse activities with sheer enthusiasm and confidence. They succeeded in creating an atmosphere of bliss and bloom. Parents who witnessed this show jumped in joy. Dignitaries of the reputed colleges of Bhavnagar, who were invited appreciated the programme immensely. English Hour 2021 has set another milestone. A program that has set high standard and will remain etched in the minds.

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