The Menstrual Hygiene & Health Camp ASIS Group ICSE/ISC


Issues associated with menstruation are never discussed candidly and the silence surrounding menstruation burdens young girls by keeping them uninformed of this biological function. Even after the attainment of menarche, very little information is given to young girls about the physiological processes involved and the hygienic practices to be followed.

Giving profound and sincere thought to resolve this issue; our school felt the need to enlighten the young girls (6th to 12th) of the campus.  A colloquium that comprised the students of both CBSE and ICSE was conducted by a team of reputed doctors.

They delivered a lecture and also discussed innumerable issues regarding menstrual health and hygiene. Some of the core topics covered were:

  1. Why it happens only to girls
  2. How to take care
  3. Issues related
  4. The use of different products and their disposal
  5. Nurturing a baby into the womb
  6. Problems for the rural woman
  7. A healthy diet plan.

There was also a question and answer session which extended them the opportunity to clear the doubts they had about this biological process.

It was a session worth listening and understanding.