The Macfair International Competition Lucknow 2018


Competitions are an inseparable part of the school curriculum. It is an add-on to the overall development of a child during the schooling phase of life. ASIS with an exceptional team of teachers has been enthusiastically involved with countless competitions within the school and outside the four walls as well.

Every year our school gets the opportunity to take on the international stage along with other schools across the globe in LUCKNOW.  This year again was an exceptional year with numerous trophies which speaks volumes about the competency and hard work put in by the students and teachers of ASIS.

Competitions were very hard-hitting. But with sheer devotion and diligence, our students could stand and steal the show on the stage.  They took part in various competitions like cultural dance, jingles, Powerpoint presentation, Drama, and MUN

  • 2nd in cultural dance (This performance grabbed the attention of the audience and received a standing ovation with a blissful screaming along with an unendorsed cash award of rupees 250/- by the managing director of Navrachna school Vadodara)
  • 3rd in Science Drama. 
  • Trophy for the most enthusiastic team ( This came out of the blue and took the team to the seventh heaven)

Felicitation Ceremony was hosted on the school premises to honor the students for their excellent performance. Parents were invited to witness the ceremony. All the students were garlanded with flowers. Every student shared the experience of the International Event.

The journey is not ending here. Still, a long way ahead of us – miles to cover and innumerable things to gain knowledge of, but this certainly was a great learning experience for the teachers and students as well.