The Independence Day Celebrations 2015 By ASIS Group Students

A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history when we step out from the old to the new… India discovers herself again.”
– J. L. Nehru

Independence Day is considered a national festival in India. This day is celebrated with utmost joy and happiness all around India. The roads are embellished with ribbons and Indian flags. It is a day to pay a mark of respect to our freedom fighters because of whom we are breathing an air of freedom. Everywhere we see a flag hoisting ceremony across India on the day of Independence. The Prime Minister’s address to the nation and the march-past are relayed live on national television.

We can see that everyone hoists the flag representing the citizen of free India with more enthusiasm and joy.

We at our school celebrated the 69th independence day by first hoisting the flag by Amarjyoti Ma’am and Surita Ma’am. We sang Vande Mataram after hoisting the flag with the utmost happiness and feeling proud to be an Indian. Children cheered aloud elevating the spirit of the day. Cultural programs took place in our institution. Students gave speeches to commemorate the day. The students presented group songs, freedom Slogans, Yoga Show, and dance performances as a part of the celebrations which was applauded by all. Mr. Rajendrasinh Gohil Principal ASIS addressed the students and told them about the relevance of independence in the present-day context.

The aim of Independence Day celebrations was to make serious efforts in educating the present and future generations about the freedom struggle Our Saviors underwent to give us the freedom that we enjoy today. We should always remember that the freedom we earned was not easy and was through a lot of sacrifices and bloodbath and that we should always respect our freedom, instead of taking it for granted.

The students went back home with a feeling of patriotism in their hearts