The Earth Day Celebration By ASIS Group Student ICSE/ISC

Each year, Earth Day April 22nd marks the centenary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

Earth Day was instituted in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson a senator from Wisconsin Earth Day. About 20 million people hit the streets on April 22nd to uphold the idea of being thoughtful for Mother Earth.

There are plentiful ways to manifest your intense concern for protecting and preserving Mother Earth for the present and future generations to come.

AMAR JYOTI SARASWATI INTERNATIONAL celebrates this day with Great Spirit every year. This year we celebrated the day on the 19th of April.

The students of classes 1st to 5th coined various slogans and different topics like SAFETY RULES, TREES ARE OUR FRIENDS, AND SAVE ENVIRONMENT.

There was an air of enthusiasm and promise in the hearts of the students to take measures to save Mother Earth. They actively participated in the event spreading awareness.

This would certainly help the students to understand how important Mother Earth is and practically be involved in saving Mother Earth.