The award ceremony for National Quiz organized by ASISC, Hyderabad

ASIS was declared as 5th best team among all ICSE school in India at National Quiz organized by ASISC

Two students from Amarjyoti Saraswati International School went to Hyderabad to participate in the National Quiz organized by ASISC. They represented the North Western Zone.

The toppers of all the zones (11 zones ) gathered in Johnson Grammar School on the 13th of Oct,2014 for the quiz. There were two rounds – preliminary and final. Our team topped the preliminary round and got selected for the finals where six teams were selected. In the finals, we got the 5th position and was declared as the fifth-best team among all the ICSE Schools in India. They were awarded mementos, books, and certificates. The school was also awarded a memento.

  • The names of the students were
    • Mohit Gurumukhani
    • Darsh Mehta