The ASIS Group Student Nasa Trip 2014 ICSE/ISC

“A dream came true with a rare opportunity given to the students of Amar Jyoti Saraswati International School. An educational and fun tour was organized for students of grade 6th to 11th standard to the East coast Kennedy Space Centre, USA. Their preparations were observed with great passion and excitement. Excellent arrangements were made for their approval of VISA so they could start their journey from India on the 26th of October for two weeks.

Students along with their principal visited the training centers of NASA, which included training facilities containing detailed and life-size mockups of the space shuttle. It was a once in a lifetime experience to see what being an astronaut was really like. Students got the chance and were privileged to talk to the astronauts.

The most thrilling KSC robot testing was completed by students with a tour of the Kennedy Space Centre which included a vehicle assembly building.

The education introduced the concept of space travel by guiding students through the early years of NASA trainee. They also got to photograph the actual rockets, spaceships, and spacecraft. They were guided through a detailed explanation of the launch operation.

Universal Studios had plenty for younger children like the E.T. Adventure, a fanciful experience where one rides a bike through the night sky. Children moved to the magic kingdom the most magical kingdom on Earth! It was a place where storybook fantasy is an everyday reality and Disney classics are brought to life. The Student’s imaginations took flight and spirits soared as the eventful day ended with spectra magic, where dreams came true as their favourite Disney characters went by in dazzling, illuminated costumes followed by the night time spectacular fireworks.

With the sparkling faces, students were ready for the ultimate Hollywood experience and entered into the world of movies, magic, and illusion.

Astonished faces were visible with the welcome of New York City, the City that never sleeps and also known as the Big Apple. Students enjoyed the ferry trip to the famous Statue of Liberty. They also had a trip to Ellis Sands which had a flavor of old New York where historic architecture still remains.

After having continental food breaks students were able to relax in their coach and preceded to Washington DC where they enjoyed a remarkable lightning tour of this historic and beautiful city. They visited the longest museum complex. This included the National Air and Space Museum. After managing to get Indian food the next day, they went to see the chocolate world and enjoyed the drive to Niagara Falls. In the Chocolate Factory, students sensed the aroma of cocoa beans and saw the process of how beans were made.

Finally, students proceeded to Orlando airport to take a flight back home with all summer memories that would last for a lifetime!

The self-confidence and overall awareness of the students gained incredibly after this trip. They got to work closely as a team on different projects and it opened their eyes to a bigger world. To see such contrast from another country, and to meet so many interesting people and different places made every student more worldly and experienced which will now help them with their soft skill developments in the future endeavors.”