The ASIS Group School Gurupurnima Celebration 2019 ICSE/ISC

In the journey of life and living, Guru plays a significant role. He/she enlightens us with knowledge and wisdom. Guides us on the steady path towards success. In India guru is treated with respect and is given a special place. Gurupurnima is the day to manifest love and respect for gurus. This day is celebrated with sheer reverence in schools. ASIS organized a program for the teachers.

Students applied tilak on the teachers and touched their feet. They performed a classical dance and singing in the assembly. Students willingly and enthusiastically wrote quotes for the teachers and displayed them on the soft board.

This culture, of giving an important place for gurus, since time immemorial has been profoundly rooted in the minds and hearts of Indian people and shouldn’t be allowed to perish. It was a memorable day for the students and for the entire ASIS family.