The ASIS Group organized English Song Competition ICSE/ISC

layman terms, “Music” is any sound that is pleasant to the ears. It could be the sound of birds chirping or leaves rustling, it could be the sound of a tune played on a musical instrument or of a song sung by a person. All of these things are termed “Music”. Music is support in times of sadness and a part of a celebration in times of joy. It acts as an “Anti-depressant” when depressed or helps in expressing one’s feelings when needed. It won’t be wrong to say that “Music is an integral part of our lives.” Well, using the same theme of Music, We organized an “English song competition” on January 13th, 2016 for the students of Std. 5th-9th.

We had the honor to have Natie Ma’am and Shefali Ma’am as our esteemed judges for the competition. The competition began at around 12:30 p.m. There were 4 groups that took part in the competition. All of them sung exceptionally well and showcased how incredibly talented these little singers are. At the end of the competition, the judges gave their insights on how the kids can improve in future competitions. It was a pretty successful event, the students enjoyed being a part of it and loved the exposure that was provided to them by the school.

Ms. Jennie Bhatt and Ms. Devyani Jhala played a crucial role in making this competition a success, as it was because of their resilient efforts that the kids performed so well. Special thanks to our beloved principal Mrs. Reema Ganguly, for providing the kids with a fun opportunity to showcase their singing talent.