The ASIS Group Kite Decoration Competition AJSV ICSE/ISC

It’s the season of kites, the intense battles and rivalry between the kite lovers. “Kite” which is the epitome of Freedom, reaches sky-high; battling with the winds and finally achieving the heights it deserves. To imbibe the same feeling of freedom and success, we organized a “Kite Making Competition” on January 13th, 2016 for the students of Std. 5th-9th.

The students were given a drawing sheet and were told to use their imagination and create a masterpiece that could suffice the spirit of “Uttarayan”. Our students, being art enthusiasts began the competition with a lot of zeal and vigor. The students set their creativity to sail through and created some amazing pieces of kites. Some represented a thoughtful theme like “Save birds”, while others were the perfect combination of colors and stencils. It was a treat to watch the kids fill colors into their imagination. The competition was a grand success as all the participants were very excited and performed exceptionally well, making it tough for the judges to decide the winners of the competition.