Teacher Training Workshop 2016 ASIS Group ICSE/ISC Teacher’s

The teaching profession over the years has transformed drastically with innumerable inclusions and developments in the teaching methods. No doubt, teachers are optimistically trying to cope up with these changing scenarios but, the unending demands and expectations from the parents, students, and the management is indeed creating a grim situation in this noble profession which in turn is not only affecting work but also the personal life

Management panel of ASIS realizing the need for humanizing this frazzled mental state of the teachers organized a reviving session.

A team of four members from Chennai who runs the Heart fullness Institute was invited to have a well thought-out three days enlivening session for the teachers from 17th Nov to 19th Nov. 2016.

There were innumerable learning sessions along with meditation. Some of them to be precise were the different teaching methods, understanding the different attributes and mental setup of each student and how to deal with them, a profound practical journey into how meditation can help in releasing all your negative energy and maintain consistently the tranquility of mind and heart, how to bring in the most desired aspect of schooling ‘discipline’ with love rather than with fear, interpersonal skills and many more valued aspects of life and living.

The last day concluded with the teachers sharing their experiences and views. A bit of singing and dancing were also incorporated to give a fine touch to the ending part. A couple of sessions like this every year would undeniably create a splendid teaching and learning atmosphere.