Social Science Project Exhibition | September 2022

Social Science Project Exhibition | September 2022

Imagine – Invent – Inspire!!

The road to success for 99% of people isn’t a jump… It’s a steady incline from one successful project to the next! Lee Morris.

AMAR JYOTI SARASWATI INTERNATIONAL School held the Social Science Exhibition week for classes VI to VIII from 01st September to 06th September which was a grand success. It was an eventful week, where everyone -both students and teachers learnt a lot from each other.

Aims and Objectives:

1. To apply what the students learn.
2. To develop the student’s creative, aesthetic, kinaesthetic and speaking skills.
3. To showcase the talents of the students.
4. To highlight the role of social development and inculcate feelings of oneness.

Our school’s creative Sixth Graders introduced projects on River systems, Types of Agriculture, Types of Crops, Oceans, Modern Farming, Mountains, Plateaus etc. Their models were innovative, imaginative and sometimes a little too creative.

The Seventh Graders brought to the forefront the different Structures of our Atmosphere with their working and non-working models and other projects like Global Warming, Weather Instruments, Types of Rocks, Weathering and Soil formation etc.

The Eighth Graders introduced us to Rural and Urban Migration, Smart cities, Types of Settlements, Types of Slopes, Natural and Man-Made Disasters, Landforms etc. All in all, it was a great learning experience for everybody and a lot of fun too. Each project in its way was notable and unique.

We would like to conclude by quoting John F. Kennedy –
“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen”.

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