Science Express Train 2013 ASIS Group Student ICSE/ISC

The Science Express-Biodiversity Special (SEBS), a train exhibition held at the Bhavnagar railway station from 23rd October 2013 till 25th October 2013. It aims at creating awareness of the biodiversity of India, climate change, and similar issues among various audiences, especially students.

The mobile science exhibition aboard the train is a collaborative initiative of the department of science and technology and the ministry of environment and forests (MoEF)

We planned our visit for the 24th of October. We left school by 9:30 am and reached the Bhavnagar Railway station by around 10:00 am. We started off with around 600 to 700 students from ASIS & SBPS.

The view at the station was worth watching. All students are quite inquisitive to know what they were about to witness inside the train, as the outer look of the train was amazing.

Many coaches were dedicated exclusively to a kids’ zone which allows children to indulge in fun-filled activities, games, and puzzles in science, mathematics, and the environment.

The young minds were simply fascinated by observing the treasure trove of knowledge on display in the train. The exhibition covered various facets like marine, coastal, forest, microbial, agro-biodiversity, and their linkage with human livelihood, besides the challenges of conservation. The students were also educated about the destruction of natural habitats on account of the threats posed to flora and fauna.

Eight of the 16 coaches of the SEBS supported by MoEF are solely dedicated to showcasing the vast biodiversity spread across the bio-geographical zones of India like the trans-Himalaya, Himalayas, Gangetic plain, northeast India, deserts and semi-arid zones, western Ghats, Deccan Peninsula, and the islands.

The popular ‘Joy of Science’ lab, supported by Indus Towers, offers students an opportunity to perform various experiments and activities to understand concepts in biodiversity, climatic change, environment, and science in an interesting manner. A discussion center cum training facility is also available for the capacity building of teachers in different aspects of environment and science.

It was a true knowledge filled trip to this Science Express train that was a really amazing reflection of the true colors of Indian Biodiversity.