Role Play Competition 2016 Std 3rd To 5th ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

Besides academics, Amarjyoti Saraswati International School offers many co-curricular activities to create a positive learning environment that provides students the freedom to learn, grow, and to be what they ought to be. A child needs both, freedom and discipline. Freedom inspires creativity and through discipline, he finds the correct expression. It is, therefore, necessary to balance both for personal development.

Keeping this in view, the schools organize various intra and inter-class activities and competitions. The school promotes multi-dimensional activities and competitions that include – elocutions, debates, slogan writing, creative writing, recitation, story narration, quiz, best out of waste, drawing, rangoli making, fancy dress, role play, dramatics, Indian and Western music, and dance and sports.

On 16th July 2016, our team of teachers organized a role-play competition for the students of std.3rd, 4th & 5th. All the students were eagerly awaiting the competition. It was really a splendid event.

Truly, hats off to the participants and their guides [parents & teachers]. The whole atmosphere was so spelled binding and enthralling, that there was not a single occasion that the teachers needed to ask the audience to keep silence. All the actors for the role play put up their best show.

There speakers enacting speeches of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Lord Krishna, Bhagat Singh . And there also enactments of certain professionals like farmer, vegetable vendor, soldier etc.

Our students have participated and won laurels in various inter-school competitions that are held at different places in India & abroad.

It gives us great pride in having a team of such great actors & the credit definitely goes to the teachers, who have prepared these students.

  • Here is the list of winners.
  • Class 3
    • 1st Position: Nivan Patel
    • 2nd Position: Jeet Parekh
    • 3rd Position: Parshva Gandhi, Rashmi Goel & Jayvardhan Goel
  • Class 4
    • 1st position: Nand Shanshchara
    • 2nd Position: Himanshu Chauhan
    • 3rd Position: Kahan Shah. Yagni Trivedi
  • Class 5
    • 1st position: Shivanshu Baraiya
    • 2nd Position: Shesthaba Gohil
    • 3rd Position: Rahil Mehta, Aashna Chhagnani