Rhymes Enactment Competition 2014 Std. 1st & 2nd ICSE/ISC

Amarjyoti Saraswati International School has organized a Rhyme enactment competition on 2.8.14 on the school campus. As we all know Rhymes have been the starting point for children’s education. Their values lie in their simplicity. Rhymes have simply a word that is catchy and easy to remember. Children love rhymes and never seem to tire of them. They find singing the rhymes with actions, fun and there is a lot of learning happening. Our school has organized this competition keeping in mind the overall development of a child.

All the children i.e participants and nonparticipants enjoyed the competition. Many of the nonparticipants said, “Mam next time I will also participate.” These words make our competition a great success

Our judges Darryl Sir and Donna Mam along with our staff were surprised by the effort that our children had put up. Our judge’s words were, “They had not expected so much from I and II children. They did beyond expectation.

Mrs. Pushpa Joshi coordinator of I and II thanks to the management, principal, parents, judges, teachers, and students for their combined efforts, which could make this competition a grand success.”