Quiz Busters (Class – 5)

Good days are back, especially with the school. Studies are picking up and the activities for all-round development is catching up with the passing days. ASIS is grabbing the opportunity to give the finest education possible in every aspect.

Quiz competition was conducted for the students of 5th standard on the 23rd February 2021. It was based on all the important subjects of the curriculum along with the current affairs. Parents of the participants were invited to witness the unfolding of competition. There were 4 teams. Each had four students. 7 interesting rounds on different topics. There were audience round as well which gave an impetus to the competition. They enjoyed answering. Certificates and medals were given away to all the teams.

Happy to announce the winners
πŸ‘‰Team stood on first position (Wise Quacks with 150 points)
πŸ‘‰Team stood on second position (Brain Freezer with 135 points)
πŸ‘‰Team stood on third position (Quizy Pops with 130 points )
Consolation prize to (Hunky Brains with 75 points)


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