Quality Quiz 2016 Std 1st To 4th ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

A quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which the players attempt to answer questions correctly. In some countries, a quiz is also a brief assessment used in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, or skills

Keeping this in mind we had also organized here quality quiz for the students of Standard I and II, III and IV of AMAR JYOTI SARASWATI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL on the 18th June 2016. The entire competition took place on the top floor of the ASIS building. The competition was conducted by Ms. Nikita & Ms. Nehal. They started the competition by reading out the rules and regulations to all the participants of the four different teams.

This year we had four different teams with names – Mickey, Doraemon, Pooh, and Minnie for I and II, Fastest Cheetahs, Smart Leopards, Clever Tigers, and Genius Jaguar for III and IV.

The first round was the warm-up round. In this round, we had three questions, five marks each out of three different subjects. The second round visual round consisting of two questions for each team of ten marks each.

The third round was the audio round consisting of three questions for each team with five marks each. The final round was a little fiddly. (As it was a close finish between two teams) It was the rapid round; each team was asked five questions of five marks each.

In between each round, we had questions for the audience (children). The audience was very enthusiastic and answered the questions correctly.

  • The names of the winners for 1st and 2nd are:
    • 1st Mickey Team
    • 1A – Zahra Masani
    • 1B – Sarthak Mehta
    • 1C – Manya Jadav
    • 2C – Garima Thakur
  • 2nd Doraemon Team
    • 1B- Naisha Bedi
    • 1C- Rudra Thakur
    • 2A- Saad Chauhan
    • 2B- Naishal Chawda
    • 2C- Pakhi Roy
  • 3rd Pooh Team
    • 1 A- Diyansh Shah
    • 1 C- Annie Goplani
    • 2 A – Ramya Khatsuriya
    • 2B- Sakshi Mishra
  • 4th Minnie Team
    • 2 A- Aryan Shah
    • 2 A- Dwij Vyas
    • 1 A- Murtaza Mithaiwla
    • I B- Suhani Chaurasia
    • 2 B- Riddhi Patel
  • The names of the winners for 3rd and 4th are
    • 1st Smart Leopards Team
    • 4 A- Mustansir Chhatariya
    • 3 B Nivan Patel
    • 4 B Taufique Shaikh
  • 2nd Genius Team
    • 3 C – Aditya Deshmukh
    • 3 B – Harshwardhan Gohil
    • 3 A – Kavya Singla
    • 4 A – Aayushi Dave
  • 3rd Fastest Cheetah Team
    • 4 B – Nand Shanishchara
    • 4A- Kankana Jana
    • 3 C- Jayvardhan Sanghavi
    • 3 B – Abhishek Rajpurohit
    • 3 A Parshva Gandhi
  • 4th Clever Tiger
    • 4 B- Yagni Trivedi
    • 3 C- Jayvirsinh Mori
    • 3 A- Mohmad Zaid
    • 4 B- Krish Ghanwani
    • 4 A- Simran Rajai

The program went very efficiently with the help of teachers and students. Special thanks to Fatima mam and Nehal mam for preparing an amazing Powerpoint presentation.

In a nutshell, competitions like this would give the required impetus for the kids to grow intellectually.