Proverb Enactment competition 2015 Std 3rd to 5th ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

Proverb Enactment Competition was held on 24.7.15 for the students of 3rd, 4th, and 5th of Amarjyoti Saraswati International School. In this competition, the student participated with great enthusiasm. They tried to justify their Proverb with the help of a short drama. They used costumes and props to enhance the drama. The dialogue deliveries were very clear, the expressions were too good and the fluency of English in the whole of the drama was excellent.

Proverb enactment has its own importance as it is a combined effort of students and teachers. It brings bonding and closeness among teachers and students. Students who are a little bit shy and are unable to converse with teachers get an opportunity during practicing for so many days that they come closer to the teachers and become open to them. This openness of students you can clearly see in their performance as they are more confident while delivering their dialogues and speech. The students and teachers together make the props in school with the materials provided by the school management. The creativity that the students have inside them also gets a chance to show their hidden talent.

PROVERB are wise saying which can be used independently to explain a situation in a very few words for example- “The best things in life are free”. It means we don’t have to pay for things that are really valuable like love, friendship, and good health.

The proverb enactment competition, on the whole, was superb. The judges Mrs. Seema Bedi and Mrs.Komal Sheth were very happy and thrilled. I thank students, judges, and especially my teachers for making this competition a great success. I also want to thank Yogesh sir for helping our students in making the props.