Poster and Slogan competition Std 1st To 5th ASIS Group ICSE

Since the beginning, gifts of nature (trees and water) have been very instrumental in providing the two most essential elements, food, and oxygen for the survival of diverse living things. As humans evolved, they did provide us with additional necessities such as haven, medicines, and many more.

These natural gifts, from the inception to the conclusion will always hold a significant place in the minds and hearts of humans. But of late human beings have ignored these much-treasured gifts of nature and have been thoughtlessly involved in destroying them.

To be considerate and to create a new awakening towards the preservation of natural gifts AMAR JYOTI SARASWATI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL organized in-house activities among the students of class I (save trees) and II (save water) to make them comprehend the significance of the gifts of nature and to take initiative from the very early age to protect and preserve them. Students were seen immersed in portraying their ideas in a gentle manner.

It’s always good to love our country and its way of life. After all, it’s where we live. Being emotional, and having a great passion or love for our country not only encourages, it’s often a source of inspiration that drives towards success or great accomplishment and also our country is having diverse religion and culture, so ASIS took the initiative to instill this feeling in the minds of the young kids In III to V we have poster and slogan making competition for which we gave the topic of Independence Day and Janmashtami.

This would certainly help the students to understand how important trees, water, country, and religion are. It would be a little hard for the judges to do the judgment. It was supported and appreciated by the teachers.