Poem Writing Competition (ASIS-2020) ICSE/ISC

Understanding the world in a poetic way has its beauty that is incomparable. It can be anything that has relevance to life and living. To become a poet, it is imperative to have a thought process different from the other people because poems are written in an unconventional manner and are not easily comprehensible to the masses in general. Young minds can be encouraged and motivated to think the way of a poet. They should be given the opportunity to think and devise poems during their early years of schooling. ASIS organized an interschool competition for poem writing. Students from 8th to 12th standards were asked to make their own poems and register them as new poets. Many reputed schools of Bhavnagar participated in this competition reality cannot be ignored. All have done their best to register themselves as new poets into this vast world of established verse-makers but the excellent ones are separated from the best.