PEAK Physical Education on ASIS Imperial International Sports Academy

A unique assortment of fun games, a Well-designed, age-appropriate curriculum, a Large variety of modern Sports Equipments, Certified trainers & coaches, Structured PE, and customized sports program for every age-group

With the introduction of the PEAK Program, Imperial International Sports Academy aims to create & foster a new generation of dynamic sports champions. Built at par with international standards, the PEAK curriculum strictly adheres to the guidelines of NASPE (National Association for Sports & Physical Education, USA) and is further customized to suit the physical & mental abilities of Indian children. It features parent-teacher modules, assessment reports, and a well-designed program tracking system that jointly deliver an enriching sports learning experience for the students.

  • The PEAK Program:
    • Features professionally designed, age-appropriate curriculum
    • Adheres to the important guidelines of NASPE (National Association for Sports & Physical Education, USA)
    • Offers extensive knowledge & skills for undertaking a wide range of physical activities
    • Includes a large assortment of co-operative, competitive, informational, and fun games
    • Improves self-confidence, stamina, and performance by engaging students in well-co-ordinated sports activities
    • Is customized to meet the physical & mental needs of Indian students, including those who aren’t athletically gifted
    • Is marked by a well-designed assessment procedure that monitors the students progress at the end of each stage
  • Based on an age-specific curriculum, the PEAK Program is divided into 4 levels namely:
    • Notorious Novice 3 to 6 years (Pre-Kg to 1st Std)
    • Versatile Wizards 7 to 11 years (2nd to 5th Std)
    • Step-up Stalwart 12 to 15 years (5th to 8th Std)
    • Ignited Ideas 16 to 18 years (9th to 12th Std)

The Program for each of these levels is customized as per the child’s mental & physical growth and individual abilities. One of the most striking features of this program is that regardless of the child’s age and individual limitation, he/she is always encouraged and motivated to embrace sports and physical fitness right from the start!

Notorious Novice 3 to 6 years (Pre-Kg to 1st Std)

In order to develop a high level of physical fitness, it is extremely vital to initiate a healthy exercise routine right from the stage of early childhood. There are several milestones in physical, emotional, and learning development for children aged between 3 & 6 years. It is extremely important to acknowledge the fact that each child is an individual, therefore is blessed with certain abilities and limitations of his/her own. Pre-schoolers tend to learn social skills that help them play and mingle with other kids. In time, the child gradually begins to cooperate and adjust with a large group of peers. Children aged between 3 to 6 years are very curious by mature therefore often test their physical, behavioral and emotional limits by indulging in various activities. Keeping these factors in mind, the PEAK program for Notorious Novice (3 to 6 years) offers a safe, structured, and innovative environment that helps the children to explore their physical abilities by learning to face newer challenges within well-defined limits.


The prime focus is to build the foundation in pre-primary and primary school children by covering the movement concepts of:

  • Locomotive Skills, Landing & Jumping
  • Body & Space Awareness, Throwing & Catching
  • Rhythmic Skills, Direction & Pathways
  • Aerobic Exercises & Relaxation Techniques

This level features various games and activities for building the foundation of physical fitness in children: Move faster, Tom & Jerry, Racquets, Brain Gym, Super Agile, Our ball.

Versatile Wizards 7 to 11 years (2nd to 5th Std)

Age 7 to 11 is also known as the stage of middle childhood whereby the child undergoes considerable variations of physical growth patterns which can be attributed to his/her genetics, ethnicity, gender, hormonal development, geographic location, nutrition, and/or any form of illness. In addition to various bodily changes, children at this stage also develop fine motor skills and a slightly heightened sense of confidence. During this particular phase of life, children tend to become extremely inquisitive about their surroundings, therefore, are open to trying out different things. This is thus the right time to introduce the child to multiple sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket, etc.


Aligned with NASPE (National Association for Sports and Physical Education, USA), the PEAK program for Versatile wizards primary concentrates on familiarizing the child with a wide range of sports by stimulating his mind & body. The child is gradually introduced to teams, tactical objectives, and concepts. Simultaneously, he/she is also encouraged to actively engage in formal sports that draw on their:

  • Manipulative skills
  • Non-manipulative skills
  • Training Drills
  • Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed

Innovative sporting games like Basketball- Catch my ball if you can, Aim & Shoot, Defend to Attack, Handball-Get the Bandits, Football-One on One end line, Run for goals, Cross the gap, River game, Super forward, Rugby-One on One end line, Rugby tennis, etc. not only keeps the child entertained and mentally active but also adds to his/her overall physical fitness and promotes well-balanced growth. Before and after every physical activity, children are also exposed to a wide range of warm-up/cool-down exercises for stretching & relaxing the muscles. Evaluation and post-analysis of the athlete’s performance are undertaken with extreme caution and careful supervision by the coaches.

Step-up Stalwart 12 to 15 years (5th to 8th Std)

The onset of early adolescence can be marked from the age of 12. This is generally the phase of life whereby individuals experience rapid emotional, behavioral, and physical transformation. These years are extremely significant as it marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. Physical changes during the age of 12 to 15 can be swift and dynamic therefore one may observe a few specific behavioral traits in boys and girls. Moreover, their strength & energy levels are also amplified to a large extent, which subsequently stimulates their interest in specific sports and physical activities.


The PEAK Program for Step-up Stalwarts is designed entirely as per the National Standards for Physical Education, USA, and aims at improving the child’s athletic performance by incorporating a wide range of well-coordinated, sports activities. The chief objective of the PEAK Program for this age group is to develop sports competency by introducing:

  • Fitness concepts & skills
  • Social concepts & skills
  • Sports physics and Sports physiology
  • Sports psychology
  • Large assortment of fun & exciting games

The program is initiated with age-specific warm-up exercises and is further sustained by familiarizing the child with the basic rules & regulations of high-profile sports like Cricket, Basketball, Handball, Football, and Rugby. The PEAK program for Step-up Stalwarts is finally concluded with specific muscle-relaxation exercises.

Ignited Ideals 16 to 18 years (9th to 12th Std)

During late adolescent years, individuals tend to assert their physical & emotional independence. Less afraid of dealing with various challenges in life, teenagers at this age demonstrate remarkable perseverance & physical strength. Apart from intellectual, emotional, psychological, and behavioral changes, this time of life is also accompanied by specific biological transformations including advanced body growth, increased stamina, and constant development of the nervous system. Teenagers are easily attracted to various forms of sports and wish to be recognized for their special abilities and achievements. At the age of 18 years, a teenager demonstrates a high level of confidence and decision-making skills. This is thus the perfect phase of life for imparting highly advanced & intense training for professional sports.


The PEAK Program for Ignited Ideas works specifically towards improving the athlete’s ability to excel in various forms of sports with the help of intense training sessions. The prime focus at this stage is to polish the player’s performance and groom him/her for participation in various high-profile sporting events. This highly advanced level of training program incorporates:

  • Mental & Tactical Skills
  • Ply-metric & Strength Training
  • Highly focused, sports-specific Training
  • Team building & Competition Training

The PEAK Program for Ignited Ideas is designed in accordance with the National Standards for Physical Education, USA. At this level, an athlete undergoes intensive training sessions in various forms of sports. Advance training at this stage will not only polish the individual’s performance but also help him/her gear-up for representing the school/college/organization during State/National level sporting events.


The psychological, behavioral, and physical fitness of the child is monitored and analyzed accordingly with the help of a comprehensive fitness report which is also referred to as the Health Meter.

Health Meter denotes the players profile with appropriate statistics/markings received as per their performance in the following tests:

  • Physical Fitness Test
  • Skills & technique Test
  • Psychological & Social Parameters
  • Experts Suggestion

PEAK incorporates various Parent-Teacher modules, Assessment reports, and Program tracking system. Our advanced after-school training sessions are designed to help children develop an intense fondness for various forms of sports and improve their performance which in-turn would transform their passion into a profession. Our expert curriculum has an eye to spot the unique talent & flair in children.