Patriotic Speech Competition | January 2023

Patriotic Speech Competition | January 2023

A true patriot is considered to be the backbone of the nation. Patriotism is required for the growth of a nation. Patriots will always think about the development of the country and are ready to defend it against enemies. To celebrate our Republic day, Amarjyoti Saraswati International School organized a Patriotic Speech Competition for grades 6th and 7th.

The performance of the students was marvelous and mind-blowing, they presented themselves in a very decent and proper way and showed their love for the country.

Winners are:


  1. Zahra Virani
  2. Heer Dabhai
  3. Moh.Miqdad Varteji


  1. Anisha Parekh
  2. Kavya Kothari
  3. Adarsh Rajai


  1. Rudra Thakar
  2. Soyansh Gorasiya
  3. Kavya Parekh


  1. Sarthak Mehta
  2. Rimi Thakkar
  3. Dev Ajwalia

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