Observance of Martyrs Day 2017 ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

January 30 is a Martyr’s day to remember the freedom fighters of our country. This day has significance in Indian history We the team of Amarjyoti Saraswati International School collectively observed Martyr’s Day as a salute to the martyrdom of soldiers who lost their lives defending the sovereignty of the country during the freedom struggle. To show gratitude towards them we gave up the normal activities of the students and staff for some time and observed silence for 2 minutes. The day was of great importance for the school as Martyr’s Day marks the death anniversary of the father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who was assassinated on Jan 30, 1948, by Nathuram Godse. The objective was fulfilled as patriotism blushed on the faces with the remembrance of the martyred souls.