New Computer Lab for a New Year 2012 ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

The management and campus staff have been busy over the Christmas break, implementing a new computer lab for higher classes of 11th and 12th.

The campus now has three IT labs and several Smart class and TATA interactive smartboards.

Over the past few months, the development of the school IT infrastructure has taken place. All campus buildings have been networked and a monitored internet is available to all PCs for staff and students. This means that teachers can be kept informed of meetings and events through email, students can get the information they require for their studies at a click of a button and the most recent software will be available to them for practical lessons. An essential part of learning for examinations and life skills.

The network also makes it easier for teachers and students to use our newly created Study Area, where teachers can upload their homework and assignments for their classes. If the student is away from the school, everything from his/her class is available online.

Final implementations are underway for a WIFI campus, which means that students will be able to bring in their own laptops and smartphones into school and connect to the new network. The internet is controlled and will only be used for educational purposes. Certain sites will remain blocked to protect the students from undesirable websites. The school IT labs will also remain under strict supervision by the teachers.

This is the first of many new plans that have been accomplished by the school management and staff.

Happy New Year to all Parents, Teachers and Students of ASIS Education.