National level winners in Drawing Competition 2015 ICSE/ISC

Works of art often arise from some deep personal feeling of their creators. Rangotsav Sanstha Mumbai, an organization that promotes drawing, coloring, and good handwriting for the children of Classes 1 to 8.

A national-level competition was conducted in which students of ASIS participated actively under the guidance of Mr. Yogesh Vedani.

  • The following students were meritorious and were given prizes and awards:
    • Kumkum Vedani – Class V B – National 2nd Gold medal in an Art coloring
    • Vignesh Yirrnki – Class I A – Art Merit Award coloring
    • Jiya Patel – Class II A – Art Merit Award Hand writing
    • Kahan Shah – Class III B – Art Merit Award coloring
    • Iram Sheikh – Class VIII – Art Merit Award coloring