Model Display Competition 2015 for Std. 3rd To 8th ICSE/ISC

Carl Sagan once said,” Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

In a way, everyone is a MODEL maker when they transform an idea into a physical reality. With this view in mind, our school organized a model-making competition in order to enhance and develop the creativity of young minds. This was exclusively for the students of 3rd to 8th standards and the objective behind it was to bring out their hidden talents.

The model-making competition aims to provide a common platform for teachers and students to give shape to their innovative ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.

It is important to provide interactive, participatory, hands-on, innovative, and creative learning experiences to our students as real learning occurs outside the classroom.

To achieve this goal, the students have prepared their models and placed them in the allotted areas, where students set in lines with their models. Models were creative and experimental. It was an exciting moment where all students came with full preparation.

Besides the models, participants had given presentations by explaining their models. It seems as if all the diagrams, figures, and experiments of books have come out from it. There were Different models with various topics such as—Solar System, Nest of birds, Three forms of water, Water Cycle. Skeleton-System, Digestive System, Measurements, Life cycles, Volcano’s eruption, Solar Energy and even English models were displayed which presented short stories.

We found it a great pleasure as they have been learned through their own ideas and effective presentations with live models also.

It was a healthy competition and so was difficult for the judges to judge such wonderful and creative models. There was a great support of judges who not only have examined them but also encourage and appreciated their hard work.

To conclude this report here with the mark that our school is achieving its goals continuously by organizing such a wonderful event.