Maths Quiz Competition 2016 Std 9th & 10th ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

maths quiz

This year the students of class 11 (math) have organized the maths quiz for classes 9 and 10 which was conducted on 12th august 2016. The entire program took place in the ICSE examination hall of Amarjyoti Saraswati International school. This quiz was not for a competition but to give them a new outlook towards mathematics.

There were four teams. Team Permutation, Team Integration, Team Combination, and Team Differentiation. All the teams participated wholeheartedly in the quiz. The audience was quite disciplined and were eagerly waiting for the competition. There were five rounds.

This round was taken 2 days before the original quiz was held, due to a large number of participants. We had to cut off the list. Boys and girls wholeheartedly participated. But we selected just 16 from classes 9 &10. Simple questions were asked but logical.

In this round, each team was given 2 minutes in which they had to explain simple theorems with a diagram on the board provided to them. They were not allowed to speak. All the teams tried to the best of their ability. This round was not to check about their bookish knowledge but to check their communication and understanding skills. This was a new and innovative round. Each correct answer was awarded 5 marks.

This round was a rapid-fire round. In this round, 10 questions based on theory and logic were asked to each team. Each team was provided with 5 minutes. This round was a very scoring round and the climax of the quiz. Teams tried their best to crack the code. They were allowed to skip only 1 question.

In this round, 10 questions were asked all together and each team was awarded 10 marks for every right answer and 5 marks deducted for every wrong answer. Instead of the buzzer, we had put some balloons on the table which they had to burst. This round checked their presence of mind.

It was the last and the final round. It was the fastest figure first round. The idea was taken from” Kaun Banega crorepati “.It checked the mentality of the participants. The final round was a little difficult as the participants were very nervous but the quiz master kept putting their spirits up and telling them not to get nervous as this was not a school examination and that anyone can give wrong answers. In this way, the participants began to feel a little better.

For the audience, there was time to time riddles to check their logic. The person who answered it right gets chocolate. We tried to include the teachers too.

Team Permutation was able to crack most of the mathematical codes and scored 95. They were declared the MATHEMATICIAN TEAM OF the ACADEMIC YEAR 2016-2017. Team Permutation comprised of Khushi Jadav, Yashvi Metha, Prabal Rai, Jinit Borkheria.

Just there was a difference of 5 points between Team permutation and team Integration. Team Integration had to satisfy with the runners up trophy. The team combination was third.

A very grateful thanks to our beloved principal Rajender Sir, our maths teacher Ketan sir, our judge Heema ma’am, Sailesh sir and many others for giving their expensive time to us.

The quiz was made by Anushka , Manan , Jill , Kshitij , Dharamraj , Laxmi , Jashraj of class 11.