Maths Quiz Competition ICSE/ISC (2020)

Tests and Quizzes play an important role in learning and provide an array of benefits for both the learner and the instructor. A well-organized Quiz can assist the students to assess the mathematical skills, proficiency, and aptitude of the students.
Under the sheer guidance and planning of the Maths faculty of ASIS, a quiz was conducted for the students of class 9th and 10th on 31st July 2020. It was predominantly in two parts.

The first part consisted of the MCQ model question in the Google form. 30 questions were given with a limited time of 30miniutes. Total participants were 48. Four students each from class IX and X got selected

Class IX and X
Madhav Rathi ,Arkan Sheth,
Tanushree Gupta, Sadaf Fatemah Jumani
Shivanshu Baraiya, Aryan Masrani,
Krushnal Langalia, Arav Vaitha

The second part was conducted on Google meet along with PPT with the selected 8 students from part one.

With the conclusion of the second part, the winners were decided.

A healthy tug of war conclude in a healthy way indeed