Janmashtami Celebration 2016 ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

Hinduism, which has millions of followers in India and around the world today, is one of the world’s oldest religions. It has been accumulating the sacred stories and heroic epics that make up the mythology of Hinduism.

Every year there are innumerable Hindu festivals taking rounds in the life of people who are inclined towards this largest and acceptable faith because, more than a religion, it is a way of life having its relevance with nature and its existence.

Lord Krishna as a deity has dominated the minds and hearts of millions across and outside India. JANMASHTAMI is celebrated to commemorate the Birth of Lord Krishna. As a part of the celebration, ASIS organized various programs.

Students of classes 1st 2nd 7th and 8th were seen enthusiastically performing dances and songs to proclaim the birth of LORD KRISHNA followed by detailed information on the significance of this day and celebration. The program concluded with a thanksgiving note by the concerned teacher.