International Rhymes Enactment Competition British Council ICSE/ISC

The international rhymes enactment competition was held on the 29th of June. It was the first activity of the International School Award certified by the British Council.

The students of 1st and 2nd std enacted rhymes in different languages including Spanish, French, Sinhalese, and English. They were dressed up as the character in the poem. It was a joint effort of the teachers and parents. Everyone enjoyed the way the students recited the rhymes.

  • The results:-
  • 1st. Dhwani Dabhi of 1B French poem ‘Bonjour ‘
  • 2nd. Shivanshu Baraiya of 2A French poem ‘Aleuveta ‘
  • 3rd. Shresthaba Gohil of 2C French poem ‘Mon Cartable ‘
  • Consolation – Kahan Shah & Vraj Soni.