International day of Women and Girls in Science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

International day of Women and Girls is celebrated every year on 11th February to promote the full and equal access and participation of women and girls in STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths fields.
Women have changed the course of thinking in different scientific domains with their research, invention, innovations, and discoveries. We need more women participating in the development of science and technology in the near future.

To encourage and motivate the growing girls to bring the change to our society through science and technology, ASIS organised a Seminar which was flawlessly executed by our senior science faculty Ms. Ushma Jadav.

  1. Speech about women and girl scientist of India and their contribution in the field of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY.
  2. Achievements Of Women scientist of ISRO (Rocket women of India).
  3. Achievements of Indo- American astronauts.
  4. Role of International women scientist in research.
  5. Students shared their views (Girls of STEM quiz winners, Ahemdabad. And Girls participants USA based STEM MAGIC program) In a nutshell, it was an invigorating session for the students.

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