Indian Air Force Seminar at ASIS Group with ICSE/ISC Students

“The students are always on the lookout for some new career prospects which may interest them. They are curious to know about openings that they can choose to be a lifetime career for them.

The officers from Indian Air Force had organized a student counseling session and interaction drive on the school premises. This was for the students in the present class 11th and 12th. They were here to inspire and encourage the youth and show them the opportunities to serve the nation.

The officers of the IAF were welcomed by us teachers and the management. They enlightened the students about the career prospects in the IAF. The description of the tough selection procedures was also briefly explained to the student’s fraternity. They shared about the perks emoluments and benefits of joining the IAF. They even discussed the career growth in IAF.

The presentation and the talk included many amazing videos most of which were the fighter planes the rescue planes and the transport vehicles. The students were awestruck when they witnessed these videos showcased the magnificence of the IAF

The children were mesmerized to see this. There were roars of clapping acknowledging what they saw was amazing. A rapid-fire quiz was conducted to check the attention of the children. Some goodies were offered as prizes to the winning students.

The program ended with a happy note as posters diaries calendars and pens were distributed to children as souvenirs. At 3.30 pm a set of selected students were taken to Bhavnagar airport by the authorities and the sports teaches of the institution. Here at the premises, they were given the opportunity to do parasailing and take a firsthand flying experience in the microlite flights.

It was a matter of great pride for the institute and the students as this opportunity was given to us as the only institute in Bhavnagar. We are thankful to the institute for creating such career guidance opportunities on the premises itself. The children enjoyed every minute spent in the session.”