Independence Day Celebrations 2016 ASIS Group ICSE/ISC

Independence means freedom from outside control or support or the state of being independent. Our country became independent from British rule in 1947 and since then it has seen many ups and downs over the last 70 years.

No doubt we have a proud legacy and a rich heritage left by our forefathers for us but are we truly independent? We may have got freedom from foreign rule but we still are slaves to many other evils prevalent in our country. We can call ourselves really independent when we unitedly fight against the evils of our society as well as our country. To name a few- poverty, illiteracy, overpopulation, corruption, are rampant and they are a big hindrance to the progress of our country.

We, the ASIS group are determined to fight against these evils and contribute our bit towards the progress of our nations. As an educational institution, it is our foremost duty to instill the values of discipline, dedication, and determination among the future citizens of our country and guide them towards making our nation a developed nation.

The day marked with prayers to the almighty sung unanimously by the student’s choir group of ASIS and SBPS. Then after the entire assembly was given the orders to stand in an attention position to pay respect to our tri-color and sing the national anthem. The entire campus echoed vociferously with Jana Gana Mana. After that, there were patriotic speeches prepared by Rinkal and Harshnandini, students of AJSV who voiced their patriotic feelings to the crowd.

Next were dances prepared by students of both SBPS and ASIS on the tunes of famous Bollywood patriotic songs and they danced very gracefully on it.

Up next were famous patriotic slogans given by our famous freedom fighters during the freedom struggle and they were very well spoken by the students of ASIS.

Mr. Abhinay Mehta (Higher Secondary Teacher) gave a very short but powerful and thought-provoking speech on the real meaning of Independence and it left everyone in a deeply pensive mood.

Last but not least was the announcement made by our Principal Mr. Rajendrasinh Gohil to commence a rally comprising of all students and teachers from our school to celebrate the 70th Independence Day. Students carried banners and shouted slogans all the way to mark the occasion.

By 9.30 everyone was back and then everyone dispersed. Shailesh Khuman