Inauguration of School Magazine Mosaic, every piece counts!

A school magazine is a window to the activities of the school. Release function of the school magazine This was a much-awaited day for everyone on the school campus. It was a lovely bright sunny morning as all the children were rushing out of their respective classes to be part of the special assembly program.

Sharp at eight our respected Capt. Kiritsinhji Gohil took his place on the dais shared by the principals Mr. Chakrapani Estarla, Mr.Rajendrasinh Gohil, and Ms. Reema Ganguly. The school magazine was the maiden issue for SBPS and the second one for ASIS.

The stage had a big collage with the name MOSAIC engraved in silver color. Captain Sir along with the principals released the magazine. The cheering by the children was a visual treat as they roared out loud in happiness.

The students of the editorial team-Ms.Anupama, Ms.Vrushti & Ms.Saloni shared their journey as junior editors with all. The team of the English department teachers – Ms.Pushpa Joshi, Ms.Srishti Mathur, Ms.Deepa kankiya, Ms.Nandita Shah, Mr.Edward George, Mr.Shailesh Khuman, Mr.Akorshi Sengupta, Mr.Deepak Dave who added their valuable contributions to the completion of this magazine were also invited and felicitated by the heads.

The chief editor, Ms.Shraddha Vyas called for new write-ups of the events, celebrations, competitions, achievements, trips, tours and accomplishments to be added in the coming edition of the magazine. A vote of thanks was also given with a promise to bring out the next issue for the academic year 2016-17 by consultant Editor, Ms.Annam Raji.

A copy of the same was given to all the children on the day before the Diwali vacation so that the children could enjoy and relate to everything that was in the magazine.