Importance of extra co-curricular activities in today’s age ICSE/ISC

India has always been a country full of rich intellectuals. From Aryabhatta to Swami Vivekanand, Rabindranath Tagore to all the recent famous personalities our country has created who have created history around the world such as our Indian Origin astronomer Sunita Williams, Ms. Indra Nooyi heading Pepsico, amongst many.

Considering this we know that our culture and our environment enforce a disciplinarian environment that focuses solely on education. But in the ever-changing world where importance is not solely given on your grades but also on your ability to multi-task, perform, and show street smartness. Every other aspiring kid in a respectable school now has an ability to get 80-90% marks in their 12th boards, but at what cost? Cost of sacrificing their childhood, their innocence, experiencing things that they will never get to do again by being bogged down with further studies and responsibilities. Then why don’t the parents as well as schools enforce the children to participate and encourage children to pursue other activities that would help children develop both physically and intellectually in varied fields?

Research in many countries suggests that extra-curricular activities which, means activities outside of your school curriculum such as sports, arts, music, etc, forces children to develop both mental and physical skills which actually help the children perform better in school and in real life. It gives children both cognitive and physical skills in a structured environment which boosts confidence, self-respect and makes the child more aware of what it feels like being part of something with a higher goal and purpose.

When my daughter comes home after playing a basketball tournament I see so much life in her. Irrelevant of winning or losing, the time before and after is spent with productivity. She spends time strategizing, physically practicing, analyzing the opposing team, learns teamwork from her peers, and then has the fruit of winning. Also in order to play, she manages her time for homework, school, and family. So there are many lessons which are learned of management, analysis, physical handwork, leadership, etc just by participating in a simple sport such as basketball. These lessons cannot be taught through books alone. They have to be experienced.

I am so proud that my children have the ability to participate in so many varied activities besides basketball such as painting competitions, elocution, international debate competitions, poetry competition, international dance competitions, and much, much more in Amarjyoti Saraswati International School. Because of this, today I can proudly say my daughter has a good platform for applying to any school domestically as well as internationally and succeeding with many skills besides academics because the faculty and the school have ensured her progress not only in academics but also in her co-curricular activities which today’s best national and international schools respect and expect from all children. They want a student who is balanced and well rounded with the ability to multi-task. With this in mind, I encourage all parents to support our school and encourage their children to participate in as many activities as possible and not just give importance to marks but to an overall development which our school and its prestigious faculty are ready to offer.

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