Gurupurnima Celebration 2016 By ASIS Group & Student ICSE/ISC

One of the most inimitable and ancient traditions of Hinduism is the tradition of guru. A guru is considered as god himself in human form and accorded the highest deference in the social hierarchy next to parents.

Incorporating the celebration of GURU POORNIMA is rather considered to be an integral part of the functioning of the school in the endeavor of producing intelligent, truthful, and dutiful souls.

Our school too celebrated GURU POORNIMA to divulge otherwise hidden veneration for the teachers. The program opened with a speech followed by a soulful dance by the charming kids of 6th and 7th standard.

The celebration concluded with applying a “TILAK” on the forehead of all the teachers and handing over a red rose to their palms.
“Yes it symbolizes love”