Grandma’s Recipe – Std 1 & 2 ICSE/ISC

Delectable food is always mouth-watering, scrumptious, and appetizing. And when it comes to who can make such sustenance, well, what comes to our mind is the Grandmas. They not only prepare it with the abundance of love and care but with unmatched treasured recipes what makes it the best. ASIS organized a show “Grandma’s Kitchen”.

All the grandmas of the kids of 1st and 2nd flooded the floor with a variety of food which they prepared back home and was displayed lavishly of the food table. They were greeted with immense respect and love coupled with all the assistance required to execute the show immaculately. They were seen enthusiastically explaining the recipe to the visitors and serving them respectfully.

Undoubtedly all the nutriments were of supreme quality and taste but the best was judged by the professional chefs who came from Sarovar Portico. It was indeed a heart-warming event for all in general.

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