GMDC Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation ICSE/ISC

The trip started at 8:45 am from the school. It took around 1 hour to reach the site. We had taken prior permission from the Chief Production Engineer, Mr. Sanjay Mathur. As soon as we reached the entrance to the coal mines, we were accompanied by Mr. Mathur.

We were taken to the ground-level view of the whole excavation site. The children were awed at the sight of mining on such a large scale.

Mr. Mathur told the students that this plant was set up in 2008 and it had enough mining left to last for another 25 years.

We were later taken down 60 meters below ground level to the exact location where the JCB was excavating lignite and filling the 400 500 trucks. This happens daily. It was indeed a very educative experience for the students as well as the teachers who accompanied them.