GEC(Government Engineering College) Competition Winners from ASIS Group Education

ASISian’s Rocks!
GEC(Government Engineering College ) Bhavnagar had organized an event ‘AASLESHA’ on 27th April 2016. Various other competitions were organized under this event. Students of our school participated in a few of these events.

One such competition was ‘CodeBlaze’ in which the participant had to solve 19 real-life problems on a computer within two hours’ time.

The competition was open for all. So, approximately 70 students from engineering colleges, BCA, and MCA colleges participated in it.

There were seven students from our school who participated and the following two students have bagged the prizes.

(1) Mohit Gurumukhani – 1st Prize Std 12th Sci
(2) Samkit Vejani – 3rd Prize Std 12th Sci.

The ISC curriculum stresses conceptual knowledge which ultimately makes our students shine even among the graduate and post graduate students.

Proud of your students and wish you a very bright future ahead.