Garba v/s Ghoomar Competition

On the pious occasion of Navratri ASIS had organized a wonderful event for our enthusiastic parents specially mothers. 14th October turned out to be a beautiful day for us. Along with the gala event, we also had the inauguration of ASIS dance hall. A precious gift to us by our Respected Amar Jyoti mam.

The event was graced by our Managing trustee respected Amar Jyoti mam, principals of various wings of ASIS, our unique guests Ms.Sarla Sopariya and Ms.Twinkle Nakarani. Our esteemed judges of the event were Ms.Harsha Ramaiya and Dr.Vinita Zala, our enthusiastic parents and our lovely students.
Navratri is one of the most auspicious festival celebrated which welcomes Goddess Durga to her home. We welcomed our Goddess by performing the Aarti.

A group of students performed a dance to please the deity and seek her blessings. “Garba Vs Ghoomar” the theme of the dance was set. Each of the participants set the stage on fire, demonstrating the unique dance forms. The audience were awed by the vibrant costumes and beautiful props used. The mothers danced gracefully with their sons and daughters, creating memories.

The winners were honored by beautiful trophies which made them feel special. Our parents are like vibrant colors of our canvas, making our each event successful and colorful.

We extend our heartiest gratitude to them for their never-ending and unconditional support.

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